June 11, 2021 | Blog

Fandom Friday SCL-edition: Peak camping, SERP One and done & No Frills on Fallon

Here’s what stopped us mid-scroll the week of June 7-11

Peak camping

Search and social interest in camping peaked in July/August 2020 amid the global COVID-19 pandemic and all signs point toward another record-breaking summer, according to Brandwatch. In fact, last week saw the highest number of YouTube camping searches ever as consumers scramble to book limited-capacity campsites across the U.S. and Canada.

CAA Magazine, created by Strategic Content Labs and published by CAA chapters across Canada, has info on how to find your piece of paradise and what to pack to make the most of your outdoor adventure in “Ready, set, camp!

SERP One isn’t all it’s cracked up to be

Ranking high on the first page of a Google search query isn’t the holy grail of marketing it once was. That’s because snippets, answer boxes and knowledge graphs have created “zero-click results.” In other words, Google has gotten so good at serving relevant information that consumers have little reason to keep on reading and that’s not always good for brands. In 2020, 65% of all searches ended with zero-click results, according to SparkToro research. Ann Gynn of the Content Marketing Institute has more on what this means for your SEO strategy

No Frills on Fallon 

It’s bananas really but No Frills was trending on Twitter Thursday morning after American late night TV host Jimmy Fallon did a short segment on the Canadian grocery chain’s satirical album “Haulin’ State of Mind.” It’s unclear whether the marketing joke was lost on Fallon (his Canuck fans certainly took the opportunity to educate him) but the savvy retailer demonstrated a good sense about the whole thing and even remixed the segment. 

The Fallon skit will likely be another notch in the belt of No Frills and their ad agency, John St. You can read about the company’s brilliant marketing strategy in this article, originally published in CPA Canada’s Pivot magazine, created in partnership with our team here at SCL.

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